Andy Garcia and Gloria Estefan star in The Father of the Bride remake

Celebrate the moments that bring families together 💖

Remember the 90s movie Father of the Bride starring Steve Martin

Well, there has been a remake, this time starring Andy Garcia as the overprotective father who must come to grips with his beloved daughter’s upcoming wedding, while also handling the family dynamics within his sprawling Cuban American Family.

Long-marrieds Billy (Garcia)  and Ingrid  (Gloria  Estefan)  are surprised when their eldest daughter Sofia (Adria Arjona) comes home to Miami for a visit. But the surprises just keep coming when she announces a new boyfriend, Adan (Diego Boneta)—who is now her fiancé—and their plans for a quick-turnaround wedding and a new life together in Mexico, where Adan’s family is from.

Sofia’s quickfire revelations keep Billy and Ingrid from making their own disclosure—that they’re calling quits on their marriage—but both agree to delay the news and play the loving couple for the benefit of the family. Old-fashioned  Billy is at first opposed to the wedding, but he is eventually swayed—as long as his opinions as the father of the bride carry the most weight in all things matrimonial. A prominent architect and family man,  Billy feels his hard-fought success and dedication to his heritage earn him the right to call the shots. After all his achievements, why is he suddenly seen as the bad guy?

The same could also be said for Adan’s equally headstrong father, Hernan (Pedro Damián), who soon arrives with his own traditions and family pride in tow. With both iron-willed fathers vying to take charge of the festivities, it becomes a prideful game of one-upmanship, as cultures clash, generations take sides and competing traditions collide.

Family relationships are tested, along with the couple at the center of it all, as the roller coaster ride of wedding planning races toward the altar. You are enthusiastically invited to the love, the food, the music, and the fun of “Father of the Bride,” a modern rom-com updated from the timeless classic. This sparkling story of a family and its unbreakable bonds illustrates the surprising and funny ways the heart can adapt in the name of love. 

This looks great!

Father of the Bride streams only on HBO Max from June 16. 

But we must give credit to the 1991 Father of the Bride movie, which was absolutely hilarious.

Source: YouTube/HBOMAX/WarnerBros

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