Billie Eilish drops a surprise Acoustic EP titled 'Guitar Songs'

And it's AMAZING.

Billie Eilish has released a couple of sneaky songs.

The Grammy Award winner casually dropped a two-track EP called Guitar Songs over the weekend.

She posted the news on social media saying,  ‘a little surprise for youuuuuuuu…… TWO NEW ONES!!!! “TV” and “The 30th” !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! these songs mean so so much to me. i am so happy for them to be yours.❤️ “Guitar Songs” OUT NOW!!!!!"

Thank you, Billie (and Finneas)!

Here they are for your listening pleasure... The first one, 'The 30th' is reportedly about something that happened to Billie and Finneas on November 30. 

And 'TV' - which you made need to grab the tissues while listening.

Source: YouTube/BillieEilish/Instagram/Finneas

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