Billie Eilish has dropped a hauntingly beautiful new single

"dis one is special to me i’ll tell you why soon."

17-year-old Billie Eilish is undoubtedly one of the biggest new talents of 2019, if not the biggest, but some don't know that behind all of her songs, is her equally talented brother Finneas, who co-writes, produces and plays on all of his little sister's tracks.

And the result is pure magic.

The siblings were home-schooled by their actor/performer parents, allowing their creativity to take centre stage in a safe and nurturing space. 

Finn, 22, was doing his own thing, and was already pretty accomplished. He was on the hit series Glee, and also had success with his own band The Slightlys... but he knew there was magic when he and Billie made music together.

And so did the rest of the world.

This latest single is a tribute to each other, called 'everything i wanted', and is a haunting, delicate lyric teamed with a woozy piano and slick beats. 

Billie said, "This song is one my brother and I wrote about each other. No matter what happens, we always have been and will be there to make it better."

Needless to say, this song once again, brings the magic! 

everything i wanted is available for download on all platforms.

Source: YouTube/BillieEilish/instagram

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