Drew Barrymore Gives a 50 First Dates Mini-Sequel For Her Talk Show Premiere

And also had Lucy Liu and Cameron Diaz in the studio.

Drew Barrymore kicked off her new talk show on CBS - The Drew Barrymore Show - and we are LOVING it. 

Starting with a segment aptly named 'Drew's News' before introducing her special guests. 

She called in the big names for her first guests on the show - her Charlie's Angel's sisters Cameron Diaz and Lucy Liu - and they talked about how their lives have changed since they bonded over making the film, motherhood, and their 20 year friendship. 


And, her movie husband Adam Sandler dropped by virtually, giving us a mini sequel to their awesome Rom-Com 50 First Dates.

You know the one where Drew's character Lucy, has short term amnesia? Surely we also need a mini-sequel to The Wedding Singer

We are LOVING Drew's new show - and the best part is, we get one every week day. 

We'll leave you with some insightful wisdom from a very young Drew Barrymore.


Source: YouTube/TheDrewBarrymoreShow/Instagram

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