Ed Sheeran gives sneak preview of entire album in YouTube Shorts

The lullaby for his daughter Lyra is adorable.

We know that Ed Sheeran has tested positive for Covid, and is now self-isolating at home in London.

We also know that his album Equals is set for release this Friday, October 29.

But did you know, you can now preview his entire album?! 

Here, we'll let Ed do the explaining... 

YES. Ed has given us a 15-second sampler of every single song on the album in YouTube Shorts - and has also put the challenge out to make your own to win custom signed artwork!!


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We are LOVING this one he wrote for his daughter, Lyra, called Sandman (track 13).

Check out ALL the YouTube Shorts below and have fun making your own for your chance to win artwork from Ed.

1. Tides = 

2. Shivers =

3. First Times =

4. Bad Habits = 

5. Overpass Graffiti =

6. The Joker and the Queen = 

7. Leave your life =

8. Collide = 

9. 2step = 

10. Stop the Rain =


11. Love in Slow Motion = 

12. Visiting Hours =


13. Sandman =


14. Be Right Now =


Source: YouTubeShorts/EdSheeran/Instagram

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