Harry Styles totally dominated The Late Late Show.

Wait... was that him flying across a crosswalk?

Harry Styles flipped Carpool Karaoke on James Corden and picked him up to keep him company on his drive into work at CBS… because Harry was hosting The Late Late Show.

James had a few tips for him... feigning enthusiasm, wearing the right clothes and singing the right songs... Check it out.  

Harry must have listened closely to all of James' tips, because his hosting was pretty darn good, as was his segment Spill Your Guts with his ex, Kendall Jenner spilling some family secret.

And then Harry took part in Corden's 'crosswalk' concert, literally stopping traffic! And the final song was brilliant!!!! YES HARRY!! 

What a sport.

Of course Harry Styles new album Fine Lines is out NOW! 

Source: YouTube/TheLateLateShow

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