Jennifer Aniston has joined her 'FRIENDS' on Instagram

And totally broke Insta in the process!!

Jennifer Aniston has finally joined Instagram and literally broke it with her first post, which was a reunion picture with all of her FRIENDS.

Yes, the WHOLE cast of the hit 90s sitcom Friends  - we’re talking Joey, Chandler, Ross, Phoebe and Monica - was Aniston’s first ever post, with the caption, ‘And now we’re Instagram FRIENDS too. Hi Instagram!!”

Within hours, fans were freaking out because they couldn’t follow her on Insta.

Yep, the sheer majority of people rushing to follow JenAn, broke her Instagram and the developers rushed to rectify the situation.

It’s now back up and running and she already has 3.2 million followers and climbing!

We love you Jen... and we are LOVING this cast reunion photo!! 

Source: Instagram/JenniferAniston

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