Jimmy Barnes thanks hospital staff and friends after his visit to ER

We all get by with a little help from our friends!

Aussie Rock legend Jimmy Barnes shared with his followers on social media that he spent Monday night in the ER for an undisclosed medical condition, with a picture in his hospital gown, and a smile on his face.

He posted, "I spent last night in ER at @stvincentshospitalsydney, and I want to thank the amazing staff who took care of me. This song (see next post) is for them and my best friend @jane13barnes who dashed me there and stayed by my side. We’ll all get by with a little help from our friends. Look after each other in these uncertain times."


And then Barnsey posted a follow up video singing The Beatles classic song With a Little Help from My Friends, backed by his wife Jane on the guitar, to thanks staff and friends for helping him through those 24 hours. 

Go Barnsey, ya legend! 


Source: Instagram/JimmyBarnes

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