John Legend releases PC version of Baby it's Cold Outside.

Featuring Kelly Clarkson.

Christmas is coming… and so are all the new Christmas tunes.

Like John Legend’s updated version of Baby it’s Cold Outside ft. Kelly Clarkson, who swaps out the seemingly creepy lyrics of the original, to ones more fitting for this day and age.

For example... instead of trying to ‘keep his date’ at the house, Legend’s version offers her a ride home, when she says "I got to go away"… he says... 'I'll call you a ride."

 Legend posted the re-imagined song to his socials saying, "A welcome update or "PC Culture run amok and destroying everything great in the history of music?" (🙄). You decide."

To which his wife, Chrissy Teigan replied in the comments... 'i'm upset. not going to listen.'


What do you think of the new version? 

Baby It's Cold Outside featuring Kelly Clarkson from the deluxe edition of his holiday album, 'A Legendary Christmas,' available everywhere. 

Source: YouTube/JohnLegend/Instagram

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