Katy Perry shows off baby bump in new music video

"Took those sticks and stones, showed ‘em I could build a house."

Katy Perry dropped her new single Daisies on Friday, along with a retro music video showing off her burgeoning baby bump. 

The single was rumoured to cameo Taylor Swift, but Katy has confirmed that Taytay isn’t featuring on her upcoming new album... YET. 

She posted on socials... "I wrote this song a couple months ago as a call to remain true to the course you’ve set for yourself, regardless of what others may think. Recently, it has taken a new meaning for me, in light of what the whole world is experiencing. Each of us is one in more than seven billion, with our own story of strength and resilience to tell. Took those sticks and stones, showed ‘em I could build a house 🌼 I hope it will be the soundtrack to going for your dreams now... especially the ones we left behind 💛"

Katy's untitled album is due out August 14.

Hang on... isn't that also when her baby's gonna drop? 

Source: KatyPerry/YouTube/Instagram

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