Loki’s time has come in latest Marvel series

The God of mischief finally gets his own series.

If you're all over the Marvel Cinematic Universe timeline, you'll have already spotted that in Avengers: End Game, past Loki (Tom Hiddleston) got his hands on the Tesseract. You know, the blue glowing box which contained an infinity stone (the space stone to be exact). He then whisked himself away, breaking time, therefore evading his future death. Or so we think.

 If you missed it, here's a quick recap.

Now, we finally get the answers we longed for. Where did Loki - the God of Mischief - disappear to?

It seems through teasers and trailers that Loki will find himself arrested by the Time Variance Authority, an organisation tasked with protecting the timeline, which he disrupted when he stole the Tesseract and used it to evade time

He has to answer to the TVAs boss (Owen Wilson) and judging by the trailer, it appears his unique skillsets are needed and Loki is tasked with his own mission to help save the universe.

Or wreak mayhem. 

Check out the brand-new trailer for "Loki," and start streaming the Marvel Studios Original Series June 11 on Disney+.

Source: YouTube/Marvel

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