What has got Pink's husband all fired up?

Carey Hart lashes out on social media about an Australian fuel rule.

It seems the bad press has followed Pink to Brisbane where she is currently on her Beautiful Trauma world tour, with her family in tow.

Of course, she was scrutinised over cancelling three shows a few weeks back in Sydney, due to falling ill, (something she had no control over) but this time the issue is with her husband Carey Hart. 

He took to social media to rant about a woman at a Brisbane gas station who got into a heated argument with him over his mobile phone usage at the petrol pump saying,

"I just got into an argument with a woman at a gas station in Brisbane. She told me that I was putting everyone’s life in danger my using my phone at the gas pump. That if I had the light turned on, accidentally dropped it, the phone would light the fumes, the station would blow up, and kill all of us 😳😳. What the hell is wrong with people?????? You got some serious scare tactics over here."

Now, everyone in Australia knows we aren't supposed to use our mobile phones at the pump - but I guess he is a visiting tourist. 

What do you think? Was the woman right in confronting him or was it a little O.T.T?


Source: CareyHart/Instagram

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