Fever star spat at by opposition supporter

West Coast Fever player Verity Charles has been spat at by a Queensland Firebirds support whilst out in Brisbane on Saturday night.

The incident involved four women, one wearing a Firebirds supporter shirt. One person spat on the ground in front of Verity.

Queensland Firebirds CEO Catherine Clark said in a statement that the Firebirds support should hand their shirt back in.

"Let me be absolutely clear - this behaviour will not be tolerated by our Club." 

"Those involved should be ashamed of themselves. The person wearing a Firebirds shirt should hand it back. You clearly do not share our values. You are not welcome at our Club."

"The act of spitting towards anyone is despicable, notwithstanding the risks in the current COVID-19 environment. Behaviour of this nature has absolutely no place in our sport or society more broadly."

The Club is investigating the incident.

IMAGE: The West Australian

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