The No Repeat Workday - Our Five Grand Guarantee!

Feel Good Variety and No Repeats, that’s our Five Grand Guarantee – it’s a No Repeat Workday thanks to Malibu Fresh Essentials.

If you hear us play the same song twice between 9 and 5 any weekday call 958 11 917.  If you’re the first caller, we’ll drop a grand in your bank account!

Thanks to Malibu Fresh Essentials and 91.7 The Wave!

Competition runs from Monday Dec 2nd 2019 to Monday Nov 30th 2020.

No Repeat Workday Terms & Conditions.

Fuel Watch
  • 128.7: Caltex Woolworths Miami
  • 131.5: Caltex Woolworths Mandurah
  • 131.5: Caltex Woolworths Mandurah Forum
  • 131.7: 7-Eleven Greenfields
  • 131.7: 7-Eleven Greenfields South