The Lucky $5 Note!

Check your $5 notes because you could have our Lucky Fiver!

Be the first to find our Lucky $5 note and get it back to us to score CASH!

Each week we spend a $5 note in the local area. Check below to see if you have the serial number of our Lucky Fiver!

The cash will keep jackpotting until it’s claimed!

This week's serial number: EH 163 905 075

Monday May 17th: $1,600
Tuesday May 18th: $1,605
Wednesday May 19th: $1,610
Thursday May 20th: $1,615
Friday May 21st: $1,620

If you have the lucky fiver, you must bring it into reception, during office hours, before 5pm Friday May 21, 2021.

Competition terms & conditions.

Fuel Watch
  • 155.9: Coles Express Lakelands
  • 155.9: Coles Express Singleton
  • 159.9: Vibe Mandurah
  • 161.5: The Canal Shop
  • 161.9: Coles Express Mandurah