Gunners & Ali

Wake up with Gunners & Ali for Breakfast!

Gunners joined Ali on air in November 2014 and he has been losing sleep ever since, literally – with a 4 am wake up call.

The dynamic breakfast duo have a contrasting style... think sweet and sour, black and white, cat and dog, ice and fire, young and old… you get the picture.

Gunners enjoys lots of things but at the top of the list would be watching YouTube video's of people falling over awkwardly and maybe hurting themselves a little bit... or a lot.

Ali is blessed with the gift of the gab and was forever getting in trouble for talking at school. Now she gets paid for it.

Living the Mandurah lifestyle lends itself to marine activities, so Gunners bought a boat. Well, he wanted to buy a boat but his bank account said, "buy the fishing rod instead, it's just like a boat, only it's a fishing rod..." so he bought a fishing rod. He likes the idea of fishing but hasn't gone yet. Classic Gunners.

And with a background in Musical Theatre and performing, Ali isn’t shy to take to a microphone including hosting major local events such as the Mandurah Crab Fest, Children's Festival, Stretch Festival, Pinjarra Festival, and many corporate events and fundraisers. When Ali isn't singing, talking on air, or drinking good coffee, she is a Mumma to three gorgeous children. 

Gunners has a cat. 

Combining dry humour and witty repertoire, Gunners & Ali have honed their banter with just the right amount of sarcasm, warmth and self-deprecation.

With popular segments such as On this Day, Entertainment News, The Hard Word, and Ali’s Random Facts  – start your morning right –  Gunners and Ali for Breakfast, weekdays from 6 am on 91.7 The Wave!

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