Streaming & Apps

We have apps for both iOS and Android phones. Search for “91.7 The Wave” in the app stores, or click the links below.

We stream in AAC at 192Kbps and AAC+ at 56Kbps. This uses approx. 86MB of data per hour and and 24MB of data per hour respectively.

We recommend using Chrome or Firefox browsers on our website.

You can also stream us on smart speakers!

If you are having problems with streaming please email:


Fuel Watch
  • 101.7: Puma Mandurah
  • 101.7: Puma Meadow Springs
  • 101.9: Caltex StarMart Erskine
  • 101.9: Caltex StarShop Miami
  • 101.9: Caltex Woolworths Miami