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The ultimate picnic party pooper. Ants will find anything sweet you have around your house and yard.
Most ants do not cause problems, but a few are pests in the garden and in buildings.
They will infest decaying timber in retaining walls, fences and buildings, and their activity is often mistaken for that of wood-eating species.

Termites are increasingly causing major structural damage to buildings throughout Australia and striking fear into the hearts of homeowners.
Attacking in large numbers, termites can feed to the point of leaving only a thin timber veneer, and this can happen in only a matter of months

Spiders are the most widely distributed venomous creatures in Australia, with an estimated 10,000 species inhabiting a variety of ecosystems.
The most commonly found spiders in Western Australia are:
Redback Spider
White Tail Spider
Daddy Long Legs Spider

Infestations of mice tend to rise when it gets cold, with rodents spreading disease as well as chewing through wiring, timber, pipes and brickwork. In winter, when cold weather forces rats and mice indoors to nest and forage for food, infestations can rocket, with rodents spreading disease as well as causing damage by chewing through wiring, timber, pipes and brickwork.

Cockroaches are a high risk pest to have in your home. They carry a range of serious illnesses including salmonella, dysentery, and gastroenteritis. The risk is particularly high in homes with children, the elderly or those fighting illnesses. Cockroach droppings have even been implicated as being a contributing factor leading to childhood asthma.

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