Bushfire WATCH AND ACT for north western parts of OLDBURY in the SHIRE OF SERPENTINE-JARRAHDALE

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A bushfire WATCH AND ACT has been issued for people bounded by King Road to the west, Gossage Road to the north and Boomerang Road to the south-east in OLDBURY in the SHIRE OF SERPENTINE-JARRAHDALE.

•    There is a possible threat to lives and homes as a fire is approaching in the area and conditions are changing.
•    You need to leave or get ready to actively defend.
•    The fire started near the intersection of KING RD and BOOMERANG RD in OLDBURY
•    It is burning between King Road, Gossage Road and Boomerang Road.

•    If you are not prepared or you plan to leave, leave now if the way is clear.
•    If you are well prepared and plan to actively defend your home, make final preparations now.
•    If you are not at home, do not try to return as conditions in the area could be very dangerous.
•    Close all doors and windows and turn off evaporative air conditioners, but keep water running through the system if possible.

•    The bushfire is moving slowly in a north easterly direction.
•    It is controlled but not contained.

Avoid the area and be aware of fire and emergency services personnel working on site.
A number of roads have been closed including:
•    King Road
•    Boomerang Road
•    Gossage Road

Motorists are asked to avoid the area, reduce speed and drive carefully due to smoke.

Road information may also be available from Main Roads WA by calling 138 138 or visiting www.mainroads.wa.gov.au OR by contacting SHIRE OF SERPENTINE-JARRAHDALE.

•    Firefighters are on the scene.
•    Bush Fire Service and DFES firefighters are attending.
•    Aerial support has been sent to assist ground crews.
•    Police are also in attendance.

Never fly a drone, model aircraft or multirotor near bushfires. Doing so poses a major safety risk to firefighting personnel in the air and on the ground, and forces aircraft to be grounded or redirected, hindering firefighting efforts. 

•    The fire was reported at 10:24 AM on 30 November 2018. 

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