District number plate owners to be able to convert to optional plates

PIC: Rita Saffioti MLA/Facebook

Western Australians who currently hold a district series number plate can now choose to convert their plate combination to an optional plate to access a range of benefits.

There are 131 district number plate prefixes in WA, from Wyndham (WY) in the north to Albany (A) in the State’s south.

A number of metropolitan areas, including Kwinana (KWN), Mandurah (MH) and Rockingham (RO), also have their own prefix. 

Each prefix indicates the area or Shire where the plate originated and these have been issued to local residents in numeric order for more than 50 years. 

This long history means many people with district plates have a strong affinity with their plate combination, with some having been in families for generations.

Over the years there has been strong interest from the community to preserve plate combinations for future generations. 

From December 6, the Department of Transport will be offering people who currently have eligible district series number plates the choice to convert to an optional plate with the right to display and trade, for a fee of $175.00.

This would mean the plate holder owns the combination and can sell it.

It would also mean the plate can be replaced if lost or stolen. 

“District number plates have long been a source of great pride and history for many Western Australians, so I am excited to offer them the opportunity to own the combination they know and love by converting it to an optional plate," Transport Minister Rita Saffioti said.

“We have listened to our customers in introducing this option and I am confident it will be welcomed by many people eager to enjoy the benefits of an optional plate, while retaining their District plate combination."

People who choose to convert their plate can do this quickly by calling 13 11 56 or visiting their local Department of Transport Services Centre or licensing agent. 

For more information, please visit http://www.transport.wa.gov.au 


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