Flood warning in place for Murray River Catchment area

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The Department of Fire and Emergency Services is warning residents in parts of the South West of minor flooding in the Murray River Catchment area.

People in the area, including Pinjarra, need to take action now as flooding is expected today.

DFES warns water will be fast flowing and levels will rise quickly.


  • Watch for changes in water levels so you are ready if you need to evacuate
  • Pack a relocation kit together with your emergency kit
  • Relocate equipment and livestock so they do not get caught in floodwaters
  • Prepare pet food or stockfeed in case you cannot return home for a few days
  • Never walk, swim or play in floodwaters as they are dangerous
  • Do not go near storm drains and pipes, ditches and ravines, as they are dangerous
  • Stay out of rivers, this includes no swimming or kayaking
  • If you are a traveller do not park or camp adjacent to rivers.


  • Floodways and river levels may rise rapidly so be careful at crossings
  • Obey road closure signs and do not drive into water of unknown depth and current
  • Take care on gravel and unsealed roads as they may be slippery and muddy, and you could get bogged
  • If your car stalls in rising water, abandon it immediately and seek shelter above floodwater


Some roads may be closed due to rising flood waters.

Road information may also be available from Main Roads WA by calling 138 138 or visiting travelmap.mainroads.wa.gov.au or by contacting your Local Government Authority.


As at 29/07/2021 11:27:00 the Bureau of Meteorology advises recent rainfall has caused significant river level rises along the Murray River, which has the potential to cause minor flooding at Pinjarra on Friday.Rainfall totals of 10-30 mm have been recorded in the Murray River catchment during the 72 hours to 9:00 am Thursday. Rainfall totals of 15-25 mm with isolated totals up to 40mm are forecast for remainder of Thursday and Friday.Catchment conditions are wet from recent rainfall. Forecast rainfall may lead to renewed flooding with sharp increases in river levels.Heavy rainfall and areas of flooding may adversely affect road conditions in the Murray River catchment.

Murray River: Minor flooding may occur along the Murray River at Pinjarra.

The Murray River at Pinjarra is currently at 3.65 metres and rising. The Murray River at Pinjarra may reach the minor flood level (6.50 m) Friday afternoon.

Latest River Heights:

Crossman River at Rivendale, 1.20, Steady, 10:00 AM THU 29/07/21 Hotham River at Marradong Rd, 2.61, Steady, 10:00 AM THU 29/07/21 Williams River at Saddlebank Rd, 3.15, Steady, 10:00 AM THU 29/07/21 Murray River at Baden Powell Spout, 3.67, Steady, 09:00 AM THU 29/07/21 Murray River at Pinjarra, 3.65, Rising, 10:00 AM THU 29/07/21

Current river levels are available from the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation website

For the latest flood information visit www.bom.gov.au/wa/flood or call 1300 659 213.


DFES is monitoring the situation.


For SES assistance call 132 500.

In a life threatening situation call 000.

For the latest flood information call 1300 659 213 or visit www.bom.gov.au/wa/flood.


Visit emergency.wa.gov.au, call 13 DFES (13 3337), follow DFES on Twitter: twitter.com/dfes_wa, Facebook: facebook.com/dfeswa, listen to Local Radio or news bulletins.

During a power outage, your home phone, computer or other electronic devices connected to the NBN will not work. Include a battery powered radio in your emergency kit.

Updates will be provided when the situation changes.

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