Majority of Western Australians support mandatory dog de-sexing

Lisa Baker MLA, Lee-Anne Ashley from the Shenton Park Dog Refuge and Local Government Minister David Templeman. PIC: Facebook

Community consultation has revealed 77 per cent of Western Australians are supportive of mandatory dog de-sexing for non-breeding dogs, to reduce the impact of puppy farms in WA.

Local Government Minister David Templeman today released the results following a three-month consultation period in which 4,754 submissions were received on the proposed laws to address puppy farming.

Puppy farming is defined as an intensive dog breeding facility that is operated under inadequate conditions that fail to meet the dogs' behavioural, social and/or physiological needs.

Proposed laws to address puppy farming in WA include the introduction of mandatory dog de-sexing and breeding standards, a centralised registration system to track dogs, and transitioning pet shops into adoption centres.

The consultation revealed that Western Australians strongly support all the provisions - 77 per cent were supportive of mandatory dog de-sexing for non-breeding dogs, 61 per cent were supportive of transitioning pet shops to adoption centres and 83 per cent were supportive of a centralised registration system.

Mandatory dog de-sexing aims to reduce the number of unwanted and unplanned dogs.

"Western Australians love their dogs and the State Government is demonstrating its commitment to improving the health, wellbeing and protection of dogs in WA," Mr Templeman said.

This Christmas, Western Australians are being urged to understand where puppies originate before supporting puppy farmers, particularly online.

"As we approach Christmas, community members can do their bit by buying puppies from registered breeders or adopting from local shelters," Mr Templeman said.

"By doing so, they can ensure that their new family member comes from a healthy and happy background with a lower chance of future medical and behavioural issues that can be caused by over-breeding."

Potential purchasers should visit the breeder to ensure they see the breeding conditions and the parents, wherever possible.






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